About Us

LearnLink Education Technologies

The Link to Learn.

Who We Are

To put it into perspective, our business was built off equal amounts of desperation, inspiration and collaboration. Our classes were becoming progressively harder to navigate with an ever changing academic landscape which made us desperate. Desperate to do better and inspired us to do that through the power of collaboration within the classroom through LearnLink. Learnlink is a boutique education student-led organization designed to connect students with each other to encourage collaborative learning. LearnLink is an independent, for profit, education company based in the USA, providing free and premium educational services and products.


What We Do

The LearnLink website is an online collaborative environment where students can share high school high quality notes on our website. In addition, we created collaboration spaces where teachers have the opportunity to host video calls with over 100 students at once for absolutely free called Classchat.


Our Goal

Our goal is simple, we help you help you achieve your academics dreams together with that in mind, we know how valuable time and money is to our clients, so we ensure that you will you will get quality support promptly. LearnLink will continue to expand outward into our niche market to fulfill the increasing demand from other high schools to bring LearnLink to them. By franchising our business, we are increasing the standard of education everywhere in the process. We are destroying barriers and making collaboration the best way to learn. So. Join us. Let’s collaborate and learn together.

Our Team

Nikhil Uppal

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Milan Chokshi

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer

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